UPVC Plastic Decking

UPVC plastic decking is yet another popular option for UK homeowners seeking to make a change to their existing gardens. As it is environmentally friendly and comes with a lengthy guarantee, it is easy to see why it is such a sought after material. With the recession forcing UK homeowners to stay put, more thought has gone into home improvements than ever before and adding a nice decking area to the garden is an obvious choice.

It is a great location for social gatherings, barbeques or even as a spot where you can relax by yourself in the summer sun. Traditionally, decking is fitted as a raised platform and is a place where you can enjoy the confines of the garden without being covered in insects. Wooden decking is the normal choice but UPVC plastic decking is making inroads in the market; continue reading to find out why.

What is UPVC Plastic Decking?

Occasionally, people confuse UPVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) decking with composite decking. The latter is a combination of plastic resin and wood fibre which is compressed together to create a strong material which is serves as an ideal base. UPVC plastic decking is a combination of recycled plastic materials. These materials can be anything from old window frames to drain pipes but the process works well and creates a decking material that can potentially last forever.

Benefits of UPVC Plastic Decking

  • As it is made from 100% recycled materials, no wildlife or trees were harmed in its creation.
  • Even though UPVC decking is made from a collection of plastic materials, it can still be nailed, screwed and sawed like wood and it doesn’t release volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere. The same can’t be said for its wooden counterpart.
  • The nature of the material means that it is resistant to water damage and fire. As a result, you can rest assured that it is safe to place in your garden. As the material is a poor conductor of heat, you’ll never find it uncomfortably hot on boiling summer’s days.
  • Very little maintenance is required since UPVC plastic decking is resistant to insects, stains, scratches and mould. For the most part, maintenance consists of a quick sweep to remove dust. Once it is fitted, you don’t need to add extra layers of varnish as it has a natural effect that is actually improved with wear and tear.
  • It is safe for pets and children because there is a lack of nails and sharp edges in its construction.

Cost of UPVC Plastic Decking

Due to all its advantages, UPVC plastic decking may actually be more expensive than its wooden rival but the incredible level of strength and durability coupled with a low lack of maintenance means that any extra money you do pay is well worth it. In many cases, this form of decking will last 30 years and most contractors will offer a 10 year guarantee with installation. Labour will probably cost around £100 a day while the boards will set you back approximately £50 each depending on where you shop. Be sure to look around and get several quotes to receive the best value for money.