Porch Decking Ideas

Start coming up with porch decking ideas today to make a great first impression. Everyone notices porch flooring when they come to knock on your front door and a chic, stylish and fashionable porch can create a positive impression on those that meet you for the first time. If you live in a neighbourhood where every home seems to look the same on the exterior, you can add porch decking to make your property unique. It may seem like a lengthy and expensive endeavour but in reality, laying down porch decking is quite easy.

Updating Your Porch Floor

It doesn’t really matter if you are updating, decorating, repairing or revitalising your porch because you have a host of options in any event. However, updating your porch floor with decking is probably the easiest of the lot. Don’t you get tired from looking at your bland front porch every time you go in and out of your house? People try a range of fancy materials such as PVC, concrete and interlocking deck tiles before realising that porch decking is the fastest and most durable option. Below are some wood types that are ideal for porch decking.

Tigerwood: This beautiful wood can be used for interior or exterior work. It comes from Central America and is used in a variety of ways because it accepts stains quite readily. It is generally available in reddish brown and dark red colours, is strong, resistant to insects and has a lustrous look. One issue with tigerwood is its strength which can easily dull the blades of tools.

Mahogany: This is another popular choice for porch decking because it is a strong as teak and has the smallest amount of knots of all decking materials. It is a good choice for those living in coastal areas or in places where high humidity is prevalent.

Redwood: An extraordinarily beautiful wood, redwood is the first choice of architects because it resists shrinking, warping and cracking. It does not decay and it remains flat and straight and requires the least maintenance of any porch flooring material.

The Rocking Chair

No matter what porch decking you choose, no porch is truly complete without the obligatory rocking chair. Don’t you have the age-old romantic idea of relaxing in a rocking chair on your front porch with a cold drink in your hands as you watch the world go by? It is possible to find yourself a pair of rocking chairs for a reasonable price and paint them to match the ‘feel’ of the rest of the porch. Add in a small table and chairs for special dining occasions and you’ll have a front porch that’s the envy of your friends. For extra comfort, add upholstered cushions to the chairs.

You should also not be afraid to experiment with different colour schemes to go along with your porch decking. For a feeling of security, create a small border around the outskirts of the porch decking to emphasis the fact that it’s your property.