Home Decking Ideas

When it comes to home decking ideas, it’s all about showing creativity! One of the great things about decking is that it’s linear which means the width or length of any given area can be accentuated depending on how you use the material. When adding decking to a small space, always go down the narrow width route because the human eye will be fooled into believing the area is larger than it is due to the quantity of material used.

You should also look to create interesting shapes to really showcase a space. Adding curves and using other materials to mix with the decking can lead to some astonishing results. Although creating curved spaces takes a little more time and effort, it is certainly worth it. Don’t be content to just use traditional home decking materials. Experiment with other landscaping staples such as gravel and stone.

Classic Home Decking Ideas

Al Fresco Dining: After laying down the decking in your back garden, surround it with raised flower beds to create the authentic Al Fresco dining experience. Use narrow boards running from one end to the other as this will emphasise the length of your garden. Decking is superior to concrete and stone in this instance because it allows water to run through the soil. Add a stylish table and chairs in the centre of the structure and you’re all set!

Stepping Up: Add some stairs made from the same material as wooden decking that lead up to your back door. Plant flowers and herbs beside it to soften the hard edges. You can even experiment and add a nice water feature that runs directly below the steps.

Paint: There is no rule which says you must keep the decking as is. Use it as a way of bringing in a whole new colour scheme to your garden. Perhaps you could use one of the many products available that stain wood and consider ways in which the colour will work with the rest of the garden. For instance, you could add the same stain to your walls, furniture and fencing for a coordinated look.

Decking Tiles: An alternative method of making your home decking more stylish is to replace the old wooden boards with bamboo while allowing grass to grow around it. This provides a wilder and more natural look which leads to a greater sense of privacy.

Freestanding: Not all home decking needs to be attached to your property. There are freestanding kits available which can be used to create a brand new space at the foot of your garden. Why not create a pergola to add structure to the garden and provide a lovely canopy to sit under when the flowers are in full bloom?

Home decking ideas are only limited by your imagination. Although the material can last for decades when treated properly, making changes to your existing design does not have to be such a permanent undertaking. If you have the time and budget, feel free to experiment to find the best home decking idea for you.