Easy Garden Decking Ideas

The whole point of decking is to provide the garden with a contemporary look. When it is performed correctly, it looks marvellous and is a splendid place to host guests on a warm summer’s day. Garden decking ideas are relatively easy to come by and the entire process gives the garden a more natural look compared to stone or brick. This is especially the case when it weathers. Decking is also extremely versatile and looks great regardless of whether you want a natural or contemporary style garden. Generally speaking, garden decking uses a species of wood that has oils which seals the material. If you use other types of flooring, its exposure to inclement weather (especially in the UK) will greatly shorten its lifespan.

Types of Wood

When considering garden decking ideas, you first need to look at the types of wood used. It is important to note that wood used for furniture is not necessarily a good fit for garden decking as it needs to cope with substantial wear and tear in the form of weather exposure and foot traffic. You’ve probably heard the expression ‘tough as teak’ which makes perfect sense as teak is an excellent decking choice due to this toughness and large amount of natural oils which ensures no sealants or preservatives are needed. Ipe is a durable wood that is resistant to fire and insects. Iroko is another great choice because it does not get damaged by insects and keeps fungus away.

3 Quick & Easy Garden Decking Ideas

Hotel Chic: Why not create a garden decking site with sunbeds, accessories and tropical plants to make it seem as if you are away in a tropical paradise on holiday?

Dining Area: Garden decking makes a great location for outdoor dining because the solid surface ensures you never have to worry about wobbly chairs and tables. Such decking is generally environmentally friendly as there are alternatives to wood available.

Courtyard: Add a splash of luxury to your garden by creating a tiny courtyard. Place some white gravel on the floor and place some garden decking boards on top. Add accessories like a sofa or small table for the full effect.

Maintenance & Environmental Impact

Garden decking does not require as much attention as you imagine. You need to clean it regularly and add some fresh oil but this is a small price to pay for a beautiful addition to your garden that could last up to 30 years if well looked after. If you don’t oil it often enough, it will start to weather but you can rectify matters by sanding it before adding oil to get its colour back.

Try and get wood from a supplier that is Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) accredited as this will ensure that the wood comes from a managed forest. Finding environmentally friendly garden decking and coming up with great ideas to transform your garden is easier than you think. Start decking today and create a whole new entertainment section in your backyard which can be enjoyed on warm