Easy Decking Installation

Decking installation may seem like a task that’s too difficult for you to perform but hopefully, this simple guide will show you how easy it really is. For most people, installing decking is easier than adding patio flags and it is an excellent way to make the most of the outdoors and the limited UK sunshine! Before you begin planning, you should talk to your local building council to ensure that planning permission is not required before you start. This is important because UK building regulations have a habit of changing and decking has been included in some recent changes.

Marking your Spot

Use pegs and string to mark out the position of your deck. Get rid of all grass and weeds from this area and use a spade to level the ground. Cover it with a weed proof membrane and finish by applying gravel. Please note that this isn’t necessary if you are installing the deck over a patio area.


The next step is to cut the joists to the appropriate size in order to create the frame. The entire frame must be filled with these floor joists and ideally, there should be 40cm between each one. Mark out their positions in the frame, cut them to size and place them in position. Countersunk screws should be used in pre-drilled holes when constructing the frame and a spirit level should be by your side at all times to makes sure the joists remain level.


Add the deck boards which should be at 90 degree angles to the joists. The first board added should be laid at the bottom of the frame to make sure it fits perfectly with the frame’s outside edge. Once again, countersunk screws should be used to secure the board to the deck bearer with a tiny gap left between each board. After completion, add a coat of seal to the ends of the exposed boards to prevent them from rotting.

That is pretty much it and it won’t take you very long if you have experience in this area. Even less talented DIY enthusiasts can try their hand at decking installation if they follow the above instructions. The entire project will probably take an entire weekend from start to finish though this could take longer if you are planning to add a large deck. You can look for a DIY store kit from any one of the major suppliers and the whole lot could cost you less than £200.

You will also need a number of materials such as a tape measure, spirit level, drill, saw, spade and an electric screwdriver. Don’t even attempt decking installation if you don’t have the above equipment or else you are unfamiliar with their use. If you are forced to use a professional to install your deck, so be it. It is an investment that could last 20-30 years provided it is taken care of properly so paying a little extra is well worth it when you consider the added dimension it gives your home.