Commercial Decking Ideas

Commercial decking ideas are the preserve of architects and builders who require the following from this material:

  • Durability in order to prevent splitting, cracking, rotting or warping.
  • Weather resistance, especially in coastal areas.
  • A slip resistant finish which is essential for commercial decking.
  • Little to no waste when installing the material.
  • An ability to outperform other materials on the market.
  • Low maintenance with a minimum of staining, oiling or painting required.

Commercial decking projects would include shopping centres, marinas, housing developments, schools, nurseries and pubs. Regardless of your business, commercial decking ideas are manifold and any one of them can improve the appearance of any outdoor location while also providing extra usable space. Here are some examples of commercial decking in action.


With the industry dwindling due to the popularity of off-licenses, landlords need to be creative in order to get patrons in the door. This is why most UK pubs have a beer garden and smoking shelter. An obvious commercial decking idea is to lay the material in both of the above areas to create a safe and aesthetically pleasing place for customers to enjoy. Decking is easy to clean and prevents grass and mud from being brought inside. Decking can also be used inside the pub because it doesn’t pick up stains.


If a hotel has a swimming pool or a hot tub, decking would be perfect in these areas because it is water resistant. Alternatively, use commercial decking to create an outdoor section for your restaurant. Nothing keeps customers coming back more than the opportunity to eat a nice cold lunch outside on a warm summer’s day.


Clearly, schools have an outdoor space for children to play in so why not have a decking area outside where the kids can clean their shoes without bringing mud into the school? Adding a patio area for children to have lunch and enjoy their break is a great idea as it is much softer and safer than paving or concrete.


Adding a high quality commercial decking installation to an office is a fabulous asset. As well as providing easy access for visitors, it also provides staff with a clean area to relax and regain the energy to return to work fully refreshed. If your office has access to a roof, you can even lay decking on it to give staff a unique place to enjoy lunch when the weather permits it.


If your shop has an outdoor space, spruce it up with commercial decking. You can use it as a ramp to make access to your shop convenient or add areas of decking to signify where a new department begins. Many shops have a dirty exterior which casts an ugly shadow over the store. If you add decking, the front of your store will look clean and pristine and customers will view it as a great place to shop.

There is no limit to the amount of commercial decking ideas one can conjure up. If you run a business and are looking for a neat and tidy space for staff and customers alike to enjoy, consider adding decking today.